What's New

For Drake Accounting 2019, there are several notable new features, including Multi-Location Payroll, customizable User Accounts, the Alternative Desktop View, and some Crystal Reports® have graphical and drill-down features. 

New Features 

  • Create New Users - Each user level (Owner, Admin, and User) has different permission levels with the ability to set settings per user. 
  • The Alternative Desktop View - This can be set per user and is a icon-based desktop view for easy access to modules. 
  • Crystal Reports - Some reports offer pie charts and multi-year linear charts to easily visualize data. 
  • Multi-Location Payroll - Set up multiple locations per client with the option to print all locations on one check or a check per location. 
  • MICR Printer- This option can be set per user for busy offices who may use multiple printers. 
  • Restrict Modules - This option can be set per user. Use this option to choose which modules and/or submodules are available to each user. 
  • Customizable Lock Screen Image - Use your company's logo as the default image when logging into Drake Accounting. 
  • Journal Screen Options - These options can be set per user, including the ability to disallow posting in the Journal Screen. 
  • Forgot Username or Password - Retrieve forgotten usernames or passwords through an email sent to the account holder on file with Drake Software.

Additional Features

  • Web Links -Web Links is a convenient source to provide access to various websites and resources for the Social Security Administration, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Tip of the Day - This feature has been added to keep you informed on different tips and tricks throughout the software.
  • Direct Deposit - Employee and vendor paychecks can now be direct deposited into two different bank accounts.
  • Puerto Rico Forms - 940-PR, 941-PR, 943-PR, and 944-SP have been added to Drake Accounting.
  • Chart of Accounts - A faith-based template has been added to the Chart of Accounts.
  • Navigation - Drake Accounting uses a tree view navigation system similar to Window’s native system. The plus sign (+) expands a node and a minus sign (-) closes it. 
  • Importing - Import client, employee, vendor, and bookkeeping information from Quick Books, Sage 50, and Intuit EasyACCT. Import 94x information from Dillner's Accounting Tools. 
  • Forms zoom - There are five levels of zoom for easier viewing of both state and federal forms.
  • DOL Rules - Employee Payroll has the option to force the software to use wage and overtime factors that follow within the guidelines of the Department of Labor.
  • Unlimited additions - Drake Accounting allows unlimited deductions, benefits, pay rates, localities, and divisions throughout the program.
  • TipsDrake Accounting gives the option to allow an employee to be tipped both directly and indirectly.
  • OTF State Forms - All available state tax & wage forms can be produced, printed, and filed through the On The Fly module.
  • Improved Validation Drake Accounting has red exclamation marks to show you what information is required before you can save the screen.
  • Journal Screen - Enhanced filtering capabilities have been added to filter journal transactions by journal type or account, prefill offsetting entry amounts, and view monthly statuses which will show when a month is in or out of balance.
  • E-Signature - Electronic Signatures have been added to sign all allowable forms and checks within the software.
  • Accounting Method - Drake Accounting supports both cash and accrual based accounting methods.
  • Rates & Withholding - Find the federal, state, and local rates and withholdings setup all in one central location. These amounts and tables can be edited by the user and be set back to the default rates if necessary.
  • Portal - Use the Drake Accounting Portal to let employers supply their employee information directly rather than you having to manually enter it in the software. This service is at no additional charge. 
  • Setup Panel This panel is designed to guide you through the software setup options including Employees and Payroll Setup, Accounts Payable and Receivable, Direct Deposit, MICR Info Setup, and Reporting Options all in one central location.
  • State Tax & Wage Forms - Currently 51 state forms have e-filing capability within the software.