Drake Accounting is available in two versions: Forms Edition and Professional Edition.

Choose Drake Accounting Forms Edition for a direct data entry program designed to produce quarterly federal and state payroll forms, as well as end-of-year federal Forms 94x, W-2, and 1099s, and their state equivalents. The Forms Edition is available for $395.

Choose Drake Accounting Professional Edition for all of the direct entry federal and state forms included in the Forms Edition, plus fully-featured multi-location Live and After-the-Fact payroll with an option for batch entry, Accounts Payable module with the ability to print checks, Accounts Receivable, and a fully featured Accounting system that uses the time-tested, off-setting entry model. The Accounting module produces financial statements in compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Practices. The Professional Edition is available for $795.

See Features for more details on everything the Professional Edition has to offer.

The Professional Edition can be bundled with Drake Tax Unlimited for one low price.

Seasonal discounts are also available when you pre-order Drake Accounting 2020. See the order form for Drake Accounting 2020 below.

Purchasing Options

Choose one of the options below to purchase Drake Accounting 2020 or 2019. Please see the appropriate Drake Accounting order form below for more details. 



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Fax completed order forms to (828) 369-9928.


Call (800) 890-9500 to speak with a Drake sales representative and purchase the software over the phone.