Other Products

Other Drake tools to benefit your tax office.

Tax Software

Drake Tax

Drake Tax includes all packages for individual and business returns, with the option to file 47 states. Federal and state returns can be e-filed together or separately (if allowed by the specific state).

Office Organization Tools

Drake Documents

Drake Documents is an electronic storage application that is free with Drake Tax and can be used within Drake Accounting. This feature helps reduce paper use, lets you store prior year tax documents, and organizes customer files all in one place.


Save time and money by automating data entry, investment trades, and source file organization, all from within Drake Documents.

Drake Portals (SecureFilePro)

Secure client file exchange sites for your practice so you and your client can exchange confidential tax documents securely and conveniently.

Web-Based Services

Taxing Subjects

TaxingSubjects is a blog provided by Drake Software and keeps you up to date about taxes, industry news, articles on business strategy, free downloads for desk reference guides, ACA reference guides, and survey results.


Drake Zero and Web1040

Drake Zero and Web1040 are web applications that let you prepare and e-file individual returns. Storage of prior year returns is included.

Right Networks Cloud Hosting

Run the Drake desktop applications in the cloud. This includes Drake Tax Software, Client Write-Up, Drake Accounting, and Drake Document Manager.